Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fitness, Function, Fight.

All sports, no matter the discipline, have somethings in common. Swimmers have to learn how to stroke and kick, baseball players have to learn how to swing and catch, karate-ka have to learn how to kick and punch; every sport has basics.

The basics, no matter the sport, are the foundation of every sport. Solid basics usually means solid everything; and if everything is not solid, get some grease on that squeaky wheel, please!

There is some credence, a lot of credence, to understanding the basics of multiple sports; running well, having good jumping technique (pick a sport...), good general physical preparedness (push ups, sit ups, etc), dribbling a ball, lifting a weight, whatever the action may be (yes, even curling) lends itself to you becoming a better athlete.

Better athletes perform better athletically --makes sense, doesn't it?

I say all of that to simply say this: don't discount any aspect of physical activity that does not directly relate to your sport. If you take a long, hard look at what you do and what someone else is doing, you'll be shocked to find out that there is a lot to be learned outside of your own walls.

I'm just saying...


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