Thursday, February 2, 2012

10K Swing Catch up

I did 10, 000 swings last month and boy, am I tired!

In all seriousness, Sunday evening I had 2,525 left to complete and they all had to be done before midnight Tuesday...serves me right for getting a head start. So swing I did...I swung and I swung and just when I thought I could swing any more, I swung some more. 1302 Sunday night.

That left me 1223 to complete on Monday. I skipped working out on Monday, largely because I was fatigued from swinging the night before. I have just such luck that I came home Monday with actual work to do on top of caring for didn't look like I was going to complete the challenge. I had to devise a plan. First order of business was to get everything aligned: I set up my single hand t-handle (I need to get a picture of that up...), my work laptop logged in and ready to rumble an CJ's dinner warmed and ready.

I put CJ in his chair for dinner and started swinging; a 1-10 single arm ladder or 110 swings...this was going to be a long night. Between course sections, I did 1-10 ladders or 5-30-5 (by five; 180) ladders...I'd start loading the dishwasher then do a ladder. Put CJ on the guessed it, did another ladder. Put the kid to bed and did another ladder.

...this persisted nearly all night long. Alternating 110 and 180 rep ladders, all the way 1230. Alas, the 10K Swing challenge came to a close, with 42 minutes to spare. At that point, Lindsay (who still had 1 day to go) was down to 400 left; she completed the challenge on time, finishing on Tuesday 1/31. Honestly, I'm not sure of whom I'm proud --Lindsay and me. She was super determined to get her swings in every day she had planned to swing. That's dedication!

I'm thinking of "refreshing" this experience in June. Anyone care to join? :D


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