Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2/2012 Early AM Session

I still feel a little tight from the swinging Sunday and Monday, so this morning's warm up included a little lacrosse ball mobilization in my shoulders. Not quite sure why my shoulders are tight, but I did work on getting loose during my warm up; I've had some success loosing the "gunk" in my hips/glutes throughout the week. Also, this session was longer than usual, but that was by design.

Warm up:
Circuit x 2:
10x15LB DB Windmill
10x15LB DB External Rotations

Kata x 2 (50%, 75%):
Yosei no Sai
Tensho (tonfa)
Yoshu (nunchakas)
Yoshu dai (nunchakas)
Ro Hai Dai (sai)


Pullups: 5, 9x25LBS (failure), 6x45LBS (failure), 3x45LBS (failure)

Deadlifts: 10 x 185LBS, 10 x 225LBS, 10x225LBS -- felt especially strong. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the 10K Swing challenge has been my deadlift. I normally lift to 8, but I've had no problems getting to 10...I probably could've tacked on another 2 sets at a heavier weight, but I had other things to get to...I rain checked for another time.

DB Bench Press: 10x65LBS, 8x 80LBS, 4x95LBS - Very pleased with how this is coming along.

Back to the cardio room...
Kata - nearly every kata (either/or with sai, where there is overlap) except the H-Forms and 27 Movements

I really think I shouldn't do karate before 8 am :-/

8 days out, and I am fairly please with how things are coming thing is for sure, I can't wait until testing is over!

Good stretch then called it a day.


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