Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/18/2012 Early AM Session

Warm up:

Circuit x 2:
10x 10LB DB Windmill
10x 10LB DB External Rotation

Burgener's Warm Up

12 Burpees
24 Pushups
36 Squats
400 M run

The end of the warm up is actually one set out of the workout I was going to do. I've been very lax with mobilizing and tending my goats and developed some seriously bad pain in my knees. I point to the lack of mobilizing because I'm coming off of nearly 5 days rest and it was an issue during MS1 last week.

Fast and Furious: as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes
10 Pullups
10 Plyo Pushups
10 DB Swings (45LBS)
10 Tuck Jumps

Tough way to start the week. By the end of three, I was huffin' and puffin'. Also, someone disrupted the flow of things, so I only managed to get four rounds. Truth be told, I highly doubt I would've finished 6 rounds without the distraction, so I'm not bent out of shape...

Standing Cable Crunch: 10 x 170LBS, 10 x 190LBS, 10 x 190LBS

Stretching. It hurt. So badly, I couldn't get onto my knee for couch stretch :-/

In fact, I went home and started to pull out all of the stops - my "Stick" like implement for myofascial release, lacrosse balls, compression band and got to work.


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