Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/19/2012 Early AM Session

Before we get into today's madness, I want to wish my big sis a happy birthday (don't worry, I won't give away your age...)!

I spent the last day or so really working on loosening up my legs & trying to relieve my knee pain (which is in both knees). The compress and floss technique is one way I've been working to cease the painhell my leg has been in and the other leg was heading toward. Heavy doses of lacrosse ball were in order for TV time last night, as well as couch stretch...disaster averted on one leg, pain is greatly alleviated on the other. I've got to keep "taking care of business" on the forefront going forward!

Warm up:
Burgener's Warm up
Mobility exercises

45LB BB Snatch...didn't count reps.

By this point, I was confident that despite feeling good after stretching, etc, squatting just wasn't going to happen today. Guess what is a component of nearly every card left in the deck...I had to punt.

Instead of a card, I decided to do some deadlifting. I was thinking (but not hard enough...) of the Crossfit WOD from Tuesday 4/17; seven sets of 1 rep deadlift, but I only made it to five (but it's all good).

10 x 225LBS, 4x275LBS, 1x315LBS, 1x365LBS, 1x405LBS [PB]

See, I told you five sets was all good...

I tried jump roping, but it nearly got disastrous so I left it alone. 50 double unders, 30 sprint turns, I tripped over the next 30 double unders...

More mobilizing and end scene.

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