Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12/20/2011 Early AM Session

First, happy birthday to my nephew Marcus. He is 15 today. Little known fact, Marcus started karate a hair before I did, however he was not able to stick with it; no matter, I am proud of everything he has accomplished (and everything he has yet to) and look forward to more from him in the future.

Reminiscing about holding Marcus for the first time makes me feel a little old...so I'll balance it out with something new! :-)

Warm up:
10 x 10 LBS windmill
10 B/W squats
10 x 10 LBS windmill
10 jump/split lunge

Pullups (various w/no structure)

Thanks to Ross Enamait, I finally have Olympic rings (homemade of course!), so I gave then a whirl:
2 sets x 10 L-sit pullups
3 sets to failure - dips
2 sets x 10 pullup+knee up

I played around with a few other exercises too; nice added dimension to the workout. I'll be using these quite regularly!

10 x 150 LBS standing cable crunch

3 sets 10 x 90 LBS cable twists. Never done these before, but I'll be doing them regularly, as well.

Db bench press: 8 x 55 LBS, 8 x 70 LBS, 3 x 90 LBS --there's a personal best coming soon...I can feel it!!

Went for a jump rope finisher, but the rope broke...dang it!

Tabata row


Thought for today: "Make efforts and you will achieve!" -Grandmaster Katsuoh Yamamoto


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