Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12/21/2011 Early AM Session


Quick warm up:
2 sets @ 10 x 10LBS: DB windmills & DB shoulder rotations

Just hanging out...get it...(you will):
Using the homemade gymnastic rings:
5 L-sit pullups
10 pullups
5 Dips
2 sets to failure (which wasn't many): Hang "support position" to "Position one": Example
3 sets of 3: hang --> inverted hang --> pullup --> front lever into L-sit. Excruciatingly similar to this.

10 x 185LBS

Building back up...slowly, but surely.

Freestyle bag work: 5x60s/20s
Hanging leg raises (weight listed is per leg): 10x10LBS, 10x20LBS, 10x20LBS; last two sets were knees tucked, first set legs straight
DB Rows: 8x85LBS, 8x90LBS, 6x115LBS. Again, building up, slowly, but surely...

Cooldown: Seisan, Bassai, Sochin

Deep stretch

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