Monday, December 12, 2011

Hangtime's Bag o' Tricks

3-5 times a week, I slog into the gym carrying a heavy bag. Contained within that big is what I like to call "Hangtime's Bag o' Tricks". HBoT is a collection of supplementary items that I use during most workouts. Here's a brief introduction to those items.

This is my homemade suspension trainer. Very similar to the TRX Trainer, it was a fraction of the cost to make. I use the suspension trainer once every few weeks.

Ab contraptions: ankle straps, Husky Hangalls and an ab wheel. I suppose the Hangalls could replace the ankle straps, but I have used both together
Heavy hittin'! 16oz gloves. I usually only break out the 16 ouncers for power work on the bag or when I'm having hand issues. If you look closely, you can also see hand wraps. For a while, I used only handwraps on the bag; I don't recommend it.

Ankle weights...because one just never knows.

Weight belt & chain: I use the chain to load up with weight plates for dips and pullups.

T-Handle: holds heavier weight for two handed swings. I've been thinking through a design for a handle so that I can use this design for kettle bell exercises.
Old faithfuls: Gloves and jump rope. I've been through more of these than anything else! Speed jumping and double unders, in addition to rhythmic jumping are the norm and the gloves are usually my covering of choice on the heavy bag

Though not all of these items are in the HBoT, they certainly play a role in allowing me to stay healthy. Foam Roller, a roller for myofacial release, Preform ointment and 2 lacrosse balls. 

Not pictured above are my 40LB weight vest, tornado ball nor is my wife's T-Handle ;) I also have pieces of torture at the dojo that aren't pictured either.

On that note, I'm signing off...I'll be dreaming of my weighted vest and burpees...oh boy...burpees :)


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