Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/28/2011 Early AM Session

Unfortunately, I didn't catch the start time of today's workout, but, because I'm on vacation the start time was later than normal...

Warm up: 
Lots of shoulder mobilization, stretching and some trigger point therapy. I woke up with a gnarly sharp pain in my left shoulder; that in and of itself changed today's plans for gym rings...

2 sets @ 10LBS each x 10:
DB Windmills
DB External Rotations (perpendicular and parallel to the ground)

3 minutes jump roping

Leg Press: Ab Wheel Rollouts:
8x410LBS 8

The ladder sets on leg press helped a good deal with getting my numbers up; my leg press personal best is 1000LBS. Fun to say, not fun to do. I don't care to get back to 1000x1, but working sets in the 700-800LBS range is where I'd like to get back to.

Cable Shoulder throw -- set one side of the cable machine high, using the ropes attachment. From there, step out on one side and, with controlled motion, twist into a karate front stance; the motion is very similar to the judo o goshi technique, but from a front stance.

3 sets of 10 @ 100LBS

8 Skin The Cats --better than I expected given the earlier shoulder pain, however I felt a lot better afterwards. I think I ran into some "mind over matter" issues with this exercise; something about being upside down...

Alternating sets of 3:
10 x 25LBS
BB Shotput: 10x25LBS10x25LBS10x25LBS
Standing Russian Twist:10x25LBS10x25LBS10x25LBS

Seated Russian Twists: , 10 x 45LBS, 10x45LBS

Seated Russian Twists: 15x45LBS10x45LBS10x45LBS

Finish: 7:02

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