Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Nuf Said!

Today's blog post comes is a Facebook post from a friend of mine, Dave. I think Dave hits the nail right squarely on the head with his comment.

So, I always preach to people that a healthy diet and exercise are key components to a great lifestyle. As soon as I point this out, I'm inundated by them with my penchant for donuts, candy, pizza and other horrible foods. They never point out the other 75% of my diet that is fruits/veggies/baked meats or that I spend an hour a day 6 days a week working out, routine stretching and meditation. In return, I don't point out their obesity, alcohol intake, lack of healthy diet or the pharmacy in their medicine cabinet that's part of their daily routine. In the end, its the results that matter. When I'm talking to you, the results of what I try to say are right in front of your face, just as your lifestyle results are in front of mine. In the end, we learn from each other. Some may say that this is a self righteous rant, an "I'm better than you" type thing. Well, in health, fitness and self-dedication, I probably am. Results don't lie, you're living yours and I'm living mine.

I'd follow this up with my own thoughts, but again, Dave is spot on. It's up to you; results don't lie!


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