Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20/2012 Early AM Session

Today's workout was Max Strength 6:

DB Bench Press (Flat or Swiss Ball)
Weighted Pullups
Weighted Dips

2 set "lead in" to the heavy weight on each exercise

Warm up:
Circuit x 2:
10x10 DB Windmills
10x10 DB External Rotations
10x10 DB Romanian Deadlifts
10 x 20 DB Halo
10 BW Squat

DB Bench Press: 8 x 60LBS (flat bench), 7x65LBS (flat bench), 5 x 70LBS (flat bench), 5x75LBS (Swiss ball), 5x80LBS (swiss ball), 5x65LBS (flat bench), 5x65LBS (flat bench)

The last two sets, 5x65, was a single arm with only one DB; no DB to counter the weight. It is as hard as advertised!

Weighted Pullups: 6, 5x25LBS, 5x35LBS, 5x45LBS, 5x70LBS, 5x70LBS

Last two reps in the last set were partials, at best. Good thing I didn't need to scratch my shoulders...

Weighted dips: 6, 5x25LBS, 5x35LBS, 5x45LBS, 5x70LBS, 5x70LBS
The last one hurt...sheer hardheadedness.

Squats (wide leg): 8 x 185LBS, 7x225LBS, 5x275LBS, 5x295LBS, 5x345LBS, 5x365LBS, 5x365LBS

I can't add, apparently. Last set, thought I was going for 380, it was closer to 400...I don't recall the exact weight. I DO know, that I unracked it, thought, "Nope....", and put it back. I reduced the weight, but it seems to have added up to 365...I wish I'd known that at the time, I might have gone to at least 370. Oh well.

Good stretch and called it a day.

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