Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In The Cards

A few posts back, I talked about stagnating and a lack in variety. Well, after a little thought, a decision to get over my own stubbornness, some planning and a little reading, I think I've come up with a solution. As I called it in my last post, " a heap of Ross, a sprinkle of my old standby's and a cup of Crossfit beauties", I've come up with a plan.

The ingredients are the Ross Enamait Integrated Circuit Training (ICT) and Enhanced Interval Training (EIT) routines; my current strength routine (with some additional desired points of emphasis and tweaking); Crossfit: Annie, Helen, Cindy, Lynne and my main squeeze Fran; 5 Ross Warrior Challenges (plus my own Ultimate XC WC); various bagwork/foot work drills.

I've taken each and written the details down on a colored index cards:
Salmon - ICT (10)
Yellow - EIT/CF Ladies (10)
Pink - Max Strength (10)
Blue - Warrior Challenges (5)
Green - Bag work (5)

As a result, there are 40 individual workouts. Each workout can/will be complimented with either a finisher or core work. Rossinites, this should sound familiar.

My intention is to randomize each category then lay out the next 40 workouts, working through each workout in the stack, no repeats. If I happen to have a time constraint or need to accommodate, I can substitute a like for like, as long as it does not repeat.

I can swap ICT for ICT, but not ICT for EIT. For example, this morning, I swapped ICT 1 for the next ICT in the deck (at the time), which was ICT 10. I can opt to swap ICT 1 when it comes up again, but not for ICT10. ICT 10 has been retired for this cycle.

The order is:
Warrior Challenge

And then repeats.

The mix of exercises are challenging, no doubt about it. ICT 10 was a rough go, but it was certainly refreshing. I am also interested to see how strength & endurance is affected by the change in routine. I have no doubt in my mind this is the right way to approach the shake up in routine. Stay tuned, fun times ahead...


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