Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 questions with Shihan Fred Lecut

OSU! - Awhile back, I asked several respected Yoshukai karate-ka a series of 10 questions; from their 10 questions, I chose the best five and submit them (ok, I had planned to...) to our World Yoshukai Newsletter. The next submission to the newsletter is from Shihan Fred Lecut. Enjoy.

1). Who was the most influential person in your karate career?
Travis Page - not only for his karate ability, but for his human qualities, right behind is Mike Culbreth - same reasons.

2). What was your proudest individual moment in karate as a karate-ka?
Making it through Shodan testing (June in Montgomery, no AC, I blacked out at the end...)

3). If a Yoshukai student understands one thing overall, that thing should be…(and why)?
Patience! You won't become good because you are good, but because you keep coming, even when you are tired, or pissed, or whatever. Just keep coming, and be patient. You become better than people because you outlast them, that's all.

4). What training advice would you give to an up-and-coming karate-ka?
Practice your basics, again, again, again. Fight as if you were old and weak.              

5). If you could expand the style in any one area, where would it be and how?
I would:
  • Reintroduce Sensei Chitose 27 self defense moves.
  • Push sparring, allow for the use of throws, sweeps and chokes - anything that gives an edge to people with little striking power, but agility.
  • Not teach kobudo before Shodan
  • Push for attendance to functions (If you don't  attend at least 10 functions, you cannot test for Shodan)


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