Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3/7/2012 Early AM Session

Quick, dirty, painful...I love it.I was short on time, so I wasn't sure if I could get the whole thing in (I didn't), but it surely hurt all the same...

Warm up:
10 x 15LB DB Windmills
10 x 15LB DB External Rotations
10 x 15LB DB Lunges (L+R = 1)
5 Pullups, 5 Side to side pullups, 3 "circular" pullups (each side)


Circuit x 10:
30 BW Squats
10 High pulls (x 40LBS)
10 Chest press (could be cables, bands, DB's) --I used 40LB DBs

I made it through 7 of the 10 circuits before I hit my time constraint. If this looks familiar, it is Ross Enamait's ICT (integrated circuit training) #10. Tried to blast through as fast as possible without rest. My legs are still a little wobbly --I love it :D


I am in the process of finalizing a more diversified routine. The routine is best described as a heap of Ross, a sprinkle of my old standby's and a cup of some of Crossfit beauties. I'll expound on that in a later post :)


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