Thursday, March 8, 2012

3/8/2012 Early AM Session

Warm up:

Circuit x 2
10 x 15LB DB Windmill
10 x 15LB External Rotations

2 min jump rope. Light...very easy.

Dynamic stretches

--My quads are pretty sore from all of the squats yesterday, so I tried to get a really good warm up, with the two lower body exercises I had on tap for today.


2 warm up/ramp up sets per exercise
3x3 -as heavy as possible

Deadlift: 185LBS x 8, 225LBS x 8, 275LBS x 3, 315LBS x 3, 350LBS x 3 [PB]
BB Bench Press: 135LBS x 8, 185LBS x 5, 205LBS x 3, 215LBS x 3, 225x2 [PB Match], 230LBS x 1 [PB]
Leg Press: 270LBS x 8, 360LBS x 8, 500LBS x 6, 620LBS x 5, 710LBS x 3
Single Arm Row: 80LBS x 6, 95LBS x 6, 110LBS x 3, 125LBS x 3 [PB Match], 135LBS x 3 [PB]

Screwed the pooch on the leg press. I haven't really done them much recently, so I did not have a good starting point or a good feel for how much to increase. By the time I got to 710, I said "screw that" and left well enough alone since I was already at 5 sets.

The 135 row was a little tricky and an approximation, at best. I used a barbell, loaded 100LBS on one end and let the unweighted side rest on the ground. I'll have to toy with that more...

4 sets - 45LBS x 15 Seated Russian Twists

Circuit x 3:
10 x 10LB Knee ups
5 Dragon Flags

3/4 elliptical mile (6:43) mainly just to work out some kinks so I could stretch.

Deep stretch and end scene


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