Friday, March 2, 2012

3/2/2012 Early AM Session


Good morning peeps! First, don't think I have been a slacker because I haven't been posting. I'm still here, still bringing the pain. In fact, I have a few personal bests to note!

1/19 - Personal Best DB Bench Press @ 100LBS
2/24 - Single Arm DB Row @ 125LBS
...and a 225LBS BB Bench Press somewhere in between.

Today's session was planned as a longer-than-usual workout. More on that later...

Onward to today's joy:
Warm up:
Circuit x 2
DB Windmill:10x15LB
DB External Rotations:10x15LB
DB Halo: 10x 25LB

Gymnast Rings. Circuit x 3
L-Sit pullups x 5
Dips x 8 (or failure)
L-sit to inverted position, pullup, pike into L-sit  x 3

Rings felt good, though, a day or two between yesterday's session might have made that time a little more productive...

Suspension trainer: A mix of ab work. Didn't really count sets/reps, but I spent about five minutes working on various ab exercises. I really need to use this and the Ring set up more...

Bag work:

Using a one or two punch set up:
Left Gedan Mawashi Geri -- 15 @ 100%
Right Gedan Mawashi Geri --15 @ 100%
The plan here, going forward is to increase the number of kicks by 5 each session.

3 minutes of 5s work/7s rest burst training. The idea is all out power for 5 seconds, recover quickly, do it again. 3 minutes is a knockdown round.
2 minutes of 5s work/7s rest burst training. 2 minutes is the length of the first extension round in a knockdown fight
1 minute 7s work/5s rest burst training. I switched it up here, because if you're in the second extension round, you need to be working more if you expect to advance (my opinion...).
The rest time between each round was the time it took me to reset the timer + 10 seconds. (less than a minute, per round)

Back out to the gym floor...(told you, this was planned to be longer...)

Deadlift 185LBS x 15, 235LBS x 8, 285LBS x 3

By this point, I was feeling the fatigue...

Standing Russian Twists (Left + Right =1 rep): 10 x 20LBS, 10 x 30LBS, 10 x 40LBS

I spent a little time on the lacrosse ball and called it quits.


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