Friday, March 9, 2012

3/9/2012 Early AM Session

Lesson #1 - Don't ever assume something is easy...if you do it right, it's never easy!

Warm up:
Light jump roping,
5 pullups
5 dips
10 Windmills (no weight
Dynamic stretches


Crossfit Annie: 10:09
Double unders

At some point, I spotted to orphaned 60LB DB's sitting by the wall; I ended up using them as anchors and I did not stop the clock. I think if I hadn't stopped to get the weights and if I had anchors to start, I could blow some time off of 10:09. Not to shabby for my first time out, but I really want a do-over.

...maybe as a finisher some time soon.

3 x ~80yd Farmer's walk w/2 - 45LB Plates. Grip started to give around 50yds into the last trip.
Between round 1 & 2 -- 5 hand clap pushups

1 side Standing Cable Crunch: 15 x 110LBS, 15 x 120LBS, 10 x 130LBS
The one side standing cable crunch was done holding the rope on one side and bending to that side.

Side Bends: 15 x 45LBS (plates), 15x45LBS (plates), 10 x 55LBS (DBs)

Good stretch, end scene.

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